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The book this month is “How to Make Workbenches & Shop Storage Solutions” from Fox Chapel Publishing

I am trying something different this month and rating the book. I am using the same system I use to rate how sharp something is. I have 6 stages of sharpness.

0 – Broken (junk it)

1 – Dull (get to the grinder needs some serious work)

2 – Needs honing (needs some time on the stones)

3 – Strop it (it’ll work but could use a little touch up)

4 – Sharp (good to go and it’ll cut nicely)

5 – Wow – (scary sharp you could split hairs with something this sharp)

Listen to the audio to learn how to win a free copy of “How to Make Workbenches & Shop Storage Solutions”. Check out all the other things Fox Chapel Publishing has to offer too.

Get your copy here

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