On this episode of Shop Time I get to talk with Hendrik Varju about a few of my questions and questions from viewers.

We also picked Jim Renick as the WINNER of the Honing and Setting Jointer and Planer Knives DVD

You can always visit Hendriks’s site at passionforwood.com.

If you have questions for Hendrik or myself, feel free to comment, Skype, or use the contact form and  we will try to answer them on the next episode.

All the Contact information is also at the end of the video. You can visit Hendriks’s site at passionforwood.com.


4 Comments on Shop Time with Hendrik Varju – A few Questions

  1. avatar Jim Renick says:

    Thanks Andrew and Hendrick for selecting me as the winner of the DVD. I know this information will help me a lot in an area I have difficulty with honing and setting knives…Jim

  2. avatar Jim Renick says:

    Hi Andrew! I still have not received any notification on how to redeem the DVD. Could you please let me know.

    All the Best,
    Jim Renick

  3. avatar RavinHeart says:

    Sorry Jim … I’ll resend it

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