On this episode of Shop Time I get to talk with Hendrik Varju about his latest DVD, Mortise and Tenon Joinery. Comment on this post for a chance to WIN a copy.

You can always visit Hendriks’s site at passionforwood.com.

If you have questions for Hendrik or myself, feel free to comment, Skype, or use the contact form and  we will try to answer them on the next episode.

All the Contact information is also at the end of the video. You can visit Hendriks’s site at passionforwood.com.

Don’t forget to Comment for a chance to WIN your copy of Hendrik Varju’s Mortise and Tenon Joinery DVD



21 Comments on Shop Time with Hendrik Varu – Mortise and Tenon Joinery DVD

  1. avatar Dan Oelke says:

    Hendrik always is a good listen.

    I generally just listen and don’t leave comments – but for a chance to win you can change my mind. :-)

  2. avatar Bob Rankin says:

    Great interview as always Andrew. I enjoy listening to the interviews with Hendrik. I’d Iike I own a copy of this DVD, it’s like an encyclopedia of knowledge you can keep referring back to.

  3. avatar Latasha S says:

    Great to see someone else who has a passion for wood. My husband would use the DVD to continue teaching our boys the skill of woodwork.

  4. avatar Rolland Fleming says:

    I could use a little more training on mortise and tenon joinery. You guys do a great podcast together Rolland.

  5. avatar Jim Blakely says:

    Andrew, it is nice to see that you are back posting podcasts. I am in the process of building some tall cabinets with mortising and tenon face frames, this information will be a lot of help. Thanks!

  6. avatar Ben Earley says:

    Excellent interview with Hendrik. I have view one of Hendrik’s DVD’s and he brings a wealth of information and techniques. Great Job!

  7. avatar Allan Crane says:

    Just was passing by and saw your site and podcasts. Excellent interview and a great giveaway. Could use the training. Thanks!

  8. avatar Guy Rutherfurd says:

    I am just getting into woodworking and this training would be great. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win. Like the podcasts..keep them coming.

  9. avatar John B says:

    Thanks for your efforts in providing us such great information. Looking forward to the next podcast….John

  10. avatar Grayson Hall says:

    Nice to see you back Andrew. Great job on the podcasts.

  11. avatar Hank Feldman says:

    Always enjoy your interviews with Hendrik and your other podcasts. Excellent job!

  12. avatar Ken Becker says:

    Andrew, add me to the list. Looking forward to the next podcast. Job well done! Ken

  13. avatar Gene H says:

    I always enjoy your interviews. Thanks for this site and all of the podcasts.

  14. avatar Don C says:

    I just viewed Hendrik site. Lots of DVDs on woodworking and he is even a chef. Great! ….and thanks for podcasts Andrew…Don

  15. avatar Curt Willis says:

    This DVD would come in handy in the shop. Thanks for the great interview on mortise and tenons joinery.

  16. avatar Bill says:

    Always enjoy Hendrik’s interviews. Thanks Andrew!

  17. avatar J. Barron says:

    Another great interview with Hendrik. Thanks Andrew!

  18. avatar RavinHeart says:

    Thank You all for your comments and support

  19. avatar Gene H says:

    Hey Andrew and Hendrik ….Thanks a Million!!! I know that this DVD will improve my Mortise and Tenon Joinery…Gene

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