On this episode of Shop Time I have the opportunity to talk with Kari Hultman of The Village Carpenter

We get to talk about many of the things Kari does in woodworking and online and I get some very valuable resources to check out on carving.


5 Comments on Shop Time with Kari Hultman

  1. avatar Kari Hultman says:

    Andrew, thank you so much for having me on your show. It was great to talk with you. :o)

  2. avatar Bill Akins says:

    Wonderful interview Andrew of the Queen of woodworking. Yes Kari, make more videos. I love your work and have been a big fan for some time.

    • avatar RavinHeart says:

      Thanks Bill, … I have been a fan of Kari’s work too. She does beautiful work … It’s a joy to talk to the guests on Shop Time and I always pick up some really good tips and resources too

  3. Very good interview. I like following Kari’s blog and glad she got to make an appearance on your show.

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